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Regulations on submitting, reviewing and publication of scientific articles in the «Transport business of Russia» journal

Branches of knowledge:

5.2.4 – Finance (economic Sciences),

05.22.19 – Operation of water transport, shipping (Technical science),

08.00.05 – Economics and Management national economy (by industry and areas of activity) (economic Sciences),

08.00.13 – Mathematical and instrumental methods of economics (economics)

1. Manuscripts submitted in the doc. format only

2. In addition to the main text in the file you must necessarily include the following information in Russian and English languages:

-         UDC

-         manuscript title;

-         author/authors initials;

-         academic degree, academic rank, honorary title (if any);

-         position, place of work;

-         contact information, which can be placed in the public domain (for each author: e-mail, city and country of residence), as well as contact numbers for communication with the editors of the journal;

-         abstract (100 words minimum), which should reveal the relevance of the topic, methods, results and prospects of research;

-         keywords (3-5) – should be concise, and reflect the content of the specifics of the manuscript;

-         list of references.

By submitting your personal data, the author automatically consents to its processing and storage.

3. Text (including footnotes and notes) should be typed Times New Roman. Interval – 1.5 (one and a half); justification without hyphenation; indention – 1.25 cm. At the electronic typing use font (font size): 14 – for the main text; 10 – footnotes and notes.

4. Illustrations, tables and diagrams should be numbered and put in a file in the character editor or Word editor, they should be referenced in the text, for example: (Table. 3).

5. All formulas and characters must be typed in MathType.

6. All abbreviations and acronyms should be defined when first used in the text.

8. The amount of the manuscript – 12 pages maximum.

9. Plagiarism is not allowed.

10. Admits the representation to the Editions external review/reviews with mandatory external review of the author, and extracts from the meeting of the chair Protocol, the Academic Council (Scientific and Technical Council) of the organization in which the work (studying) the author of the publication of the manuscript in the press. This document must be compulsorily certified the original (blue) stamp of the organization, which employs a reviewer. An externalreview/reviews does not mean that the Editorial Board does not send the manuscript for further review.


Manuscripts should be sent to:

-         E-mail: morvesti@morvesti.ru

-         Personally at the editorial offices: 15/2, Okruzhnoy proezd, Moscow,

Ph./fax: +7 (495) 366-62-55, +7 (495) 365-47-22

Manuscripts and article reviews are not returned.


There are the following practical procedure for the manuscript reviews of scientific articles in the «Transport business of Russia» journal:

1. When a manuscript of a scientific article in the publishing house held its primary expertise if it fits the profile of the magazine, rules and registration requirements set by the publisher.

2. In the case of compliance with the manuscript of a scientific article and the magazine's profile, rules and registration requirements, it is sent for review to one or, if necessary, the two reviewers for the purpose of peer review, as in the case of non-compliance – rejected without further review.

3. As a reviewer of manuscripts of scientific articles may be invited as members of the Editorial Board, and highly qualified scientists and experts Moscow State University of Railway Transport, Financial University under the Government of Russia, Russian Railways and other universities and organizations, which are the recognized expert on the subject and having reviewed the materials for the period of last three years, publications on peer-reviewed articles.

4. Reviewers set deadline for writing reviews in agreement with them, but it should not exceed four weeks

5. Publishing house notifies reviewers that the manuscripts are the property of the authors of articles and refer to the information that could not be disclosed. The review shall be conducted confidentially. Breach of confidentiality is only possible if the referee declares the invalidity or falsification of information contained in the article. Reviewers are prohibited from making copies of the manuscript for their needs.

6. Publishing house reserves the right to conduct an additional review, if necessary. Professionals working in the same unit where the manuscript was performed are not involved to review the manuscript.

7. Represented manuscript review of a scientific article should disclose the relevance of selected material, the degree of scientific novelty of the study, to determine compliance with the proposed publication of a manuscript to the overall profile of the issue.

8. In the presence of the reviewer's comments to the article requiring correction, it is sent to the author for revision. At the same time on patching the author is given no more than 3 weeks. If this period is broken, modified the manuscript is considered as a new submission publishing.

9. Compulsory revised the manuscript the author should accompany the letter responding to the comments and explanations of all the changes. In the case of processing a large manuscript is sent for re-review the same reviewer who made critical remarks.

10. The journal Editorial Board reserves the right to reject manuscripts of scientific papers in the case, if the author manifest inability or unwillingness to take into account the recommendations of the reviewer.

11. The originals of the review are stored in the publishing house of the journal within five years from the date of the articles publication and, if necessary, could be provided upon written request to the author or the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Title of the Russian Ministry of Education expert council.